Paul Hiebert Published Articles


2009. The Flaw of the Excluded Middle

2008. Clean and Dirty – Cross-cultural Misunderstandings in India

2007. Worldviews and Nomads of the Sea

2006. Are We Our Others Keepers

2006. Missional Theology

2006. Sociocultural Theories and Mission to the West

2006. The Gospel in Human Contexts

2006. The Missionary as Mediator of Global Theologizing

2006. Western Images of Others and Otherness

2006. Worldviews and Why They Matter

2005. From Systematic and Biblical to Missional Theology

2005. Syncretism and Social Paradigms

2005. Worldview Transformation

2004. Spiritual Warfare and Worldview

2004. The Christian Response to Hinduism

2003. A Christian Response to Hinduism

2003. Foreword – Announcing the Kingdom

2002. Missional Theology

2002. Missions and the Doing of Theology

2002. Missions and the Renewal of the Church

2002. Transforming Worldviews

2001. Selected Annotated Bibliography on Missiology

2000. Missiological Issues in the Encounter with Emerging Hinduism

2000. Spiritual Warfare and Worldview

1999. Cultural Differences and the Communication of the Gospel

1999. Mission’s Devastating Dichotomy

1999. Partnership in the Gospel – Misers, Accountants and Stewards

1999. Reflexoes sobre a importancia dos fundamentos epistemologicos para a ciecia a theologica e as missoes

1999. Responding to Split-Level Christianity and Folk Religions

1999. Social Structure and Church Growth

1998. An Anthropologist Looks at Human Systems – the Gospel in Our Culture

1998. An Anthropologist Looks at Worldviews – The Invisible Worlds in Which We Live

1998. Ethnomedicine and Medical Missions

1998. Good News for a Country

1998. Partnership in the Gospel – Misers, Accountants and Stewards

1997. A Categoria Crista Na Tarefa Missinoaria

1997. Conversion and Worldview Transformation

1997. Culture and Cross Cultural Differences

1997. Gospel and Culture – the WCC project

1997. Models of Responses to Social Needs

1997. The Social Sciences and Missions – Applying the Message

1996. Critical Issues in the Social Sciences and Their Implications for Mission Studies

1996. India – Land of Religions

1996. International

1996. Myths We Live By

1996. The Academy

1996. The Gospel in Our Culture – Methods of Social and Cultural Analysis

1996. Anthropological and Missiological Reflections

1995. Are We Our Others’ Keepers

1995. Missiological Education for a Global Era

1995. Short Term Missions

1995. The Role of Religion in International Development

1994. Contextualizacion Analitica

1994. Foreword – Bridging the Gap

1994. Pandita Ramabai – Mission to Hindu Women

1994. Spirituality of the Indian Road

1994. The Church and Ethnicity

1993. Asian Immigrants in American Cities

1993. De-theologizing Missiology – a Response to Ed Rommen

1993. Evangelism, Church, and Kingdom

1993. Globalization as Evangelism

1993. Good News For a Country

1993. Books We Recommend on Religious Pluralism

1993. Popular Religions

1993. The Church – Club, Corporation, or Community

1992. Mission in Times of Conflict

1992. Conversion in Hinduism and Buddhism

1992. Paul Hiebert on Urban Evangelism

1992. Social Structure and Church Growth

1992. Spiritual Warfare – Biblical Perspectives

1992. The Biblical View – The Nature of Spiritual Warfare

1991. Beyond Anti-Colonialism to Globalism

1991. Checks Against Syncretism

1991. Mission in Times of Conflict

1991. Planting Churches in North America Today

1990. Banyan Trees and Banana Trees

1990. Cultural Anthropology of Religion

1990. Indigenization

1990. J.N.C. Hiebert

1990. Mission in Times of Conflict

1990. Shaman

1990. The Whole Image of God

1990. Trends for Future Mission

1990. What Anabaptists Can Offer the City

1990. World Trends and Their Implications for Missions

1990. Worldview

1989. Anthropological Insights for Whole Ministries

1989. Christianity in a World of Religious Turmoil

1989. Form and Meaning in the Contextualization of the Gospel

1989. The Inter-School Ph.D

1989. Training Leaders, Training Followers

1988. Ethnicity and Evangelism in the Mennonite Brethren Church

1988. Metatheology – the Step Beyond Contextualization

1988. Mission in the Midst of Conflict

1988. Power Encounter and Folk Islam

1988. Trends for Future Mission Already Clear Around Us

1988. World Trends and Their Implications for Mennonite Brethren Mission

1987. Critical Contextualization

1987. How Far Can We Go

1987. Influences

1987. Megatrends in Missions

1987. Selected Annotated Bibliography on Missiology – Social Aspects

1987. The Mission Field Next Door

1987. Window Shopping the Gospel

1986. Missions in the 90s

1985. Discerning the Work of God

1985. Epistemological Foundations for Science and Theology

1985. Introduction. And Study Guide

1985. The Missiological Implications of an Epistemological Shift

1984. A Conflict of World Views

1984. Barrett and Beyond

1984. Critical Contextualization

1984. Inverse Imperialism

1984. People Movements in South India

1983. Don’t Be So Right Your’re Wrong

1983. Folk Religion in Andhra Pradesh – Some Missiological Implications

1983. Missions and the Renewal of the Church

1983. The Category ‘Christian’ in the Mission Task

1983. The Religious Experience of the Poor – Folk Religion in Andhra Pradesh

1982. The Flaw of the Excluded Middle

1982. The Bicultural Bridge

1981. And the Darkness Cannot Put it Out

1981. Contextualization’s Challenge to Theological Education

1981. Culture and Cross Cultural Differences

1981. Many Cultures, One Gospel

1981. Reaching Traditional Religions of Asia

1981. Social Structure and Church Growth – the Bicultural Bridge

1981. Social Structure and Church Growth – the Organization of Societies

1980. Conversion in Cross-Cultural Perspective

1979. Editorial

1979. Reply to Respondents

1979. Sets and Structures – A Study of Church Patterns

1979. The Church and Society – An Analytical Typology

1979. The Gospel and Culture

1979. The Kingdom Reconciling Humanity

1979. Theology Psychology Integration Part III – An Interview with Paul Hiebert

1978. Conversion, Culture and Cognitive Categories

1978. Dialogue On ‘A Contextualized Church – The Bali Experience’

1978. Foreword – Worldview and the communication of the gospel

1978. Mission and Anthropology

1978. Missions and Anthropology – a Love Hate Relationship

1978. Introduction. And Study Guide

1978. The Shape of Missions to Come

1977. Missionary Principle, Policies and Practices

1977. The Cultural Dimensions in World Outreach

1975. Introduction and Study Guide

1973. Cultural Relativism and Theological Absolutes

1972. The Unheard Voice of Missions

1968. The Emergence of National Leadership

1967. Missions and the Understanding of Culture

1964. India Today

1962. Training Pastors in India

1961. Missionaries Study Their Task

1961. Peace, Today’s Problem

1960. Our Conflicting Values


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