Lecture Notes


A Systems Approach to the Study of Humans

Amrabad Field Notes 1 (Amrabad – fld nts 1)

Amrabad Field Notes 2 (Amrabad – fld nts 2)

Anthropological Insights for Missionaries

Anthropological Theory 1

Anthropological Theory 2

Anthropology and Missions 1 (Anthropology NT – 2)

Anthropology and Missions 2 (Anthro & Missions, Black Binder Yellow Label)

Anthropology and Sociology for Missionaries (Anthro-Missions, Grey Binder White Label)

Anthropology for Mission and Evangelism 1 (Anthropology NT – 1)

Anthropology for Mission and Evangelism 2 (Anthropology NT – 3)

Anthropology Overheads 2

Anthropology Theory


Band, Tribe, Peasant Village, City

Biblical Worldview



Church in South Asia


Current Writings 2

Development 1

Development 2

Development 3

Doing Missional Theology

Eastern, Short Course


Folk Religion 1 (Folk Religion, White Binder Short White Label)

Folk Religion 2 (Folk Religion, Black Binder White Label)

Folk Religion Bibliography (Folk Rel. Biblio)

Folk Religions

Folk Religions Overheads

Formal Religions


Hinduism & Buddhism

Hinduism in India

Integration 1

Integration 2

Integration 3

Jatras 1

Jatras 2

Jatras 3

Mennonite Brethren Missions (M. B. Missions)

Miscellaneous Publications (Miscellaneous Pub)

Missiological Research

Missional Theology 1 (Missional Theology, Yellow Label)

Missional Theology 2 (Missional Theology, White Label)

New Age

New Age 1

Order & Justice

PhD Dissertation Carbon Copy



Publications In Press

Religion Bibliography

Religions Intro

Research 2


Satanism, The Occult and the New Age Movement (in the New Age folder)

SocAnthro Presuppositions

Stages of Contextualization


Time & Space

Transforming Worldview

Unpublished Articles 1

Unpublished Articles 2

Unpublished Articles 3

Unpublished Articles 4

Unpublished Articles 5

Unpublished Articles 6


Urban 1

Urban 2

Vastu Chandrika (Small Brown Binder No Label)

Worldview 1 (White Label)

Worldview 1 (Yellow Label)

Worldview Articles (Worldview Articles, Class 2006)

Worldview Bibliography (Worldview Bib)

Worldview Sources

Worldviews in Small Scale Oral Societies

Worldviews Overheads 1

Worldviews Overheads 2

Writing – In Process



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