New Age 1


Lecture Note 1 – Index for Worldview Reader

Lecture Note 2 – New Age Movement

Lecture Note 3 – A Bibliography on Rajneeshpuram

Lecture Note 4 – Understanding Normal Christian Life, The Alternatives to Spiritual Life

Lecture Note 5 – The Religious Mood 1977

Lecture Note 6 – The Dilemma of Religion in Our Time, A Help in Understanding the Religious Quests of Youth in the 1970s


Reading 1 – Letter on Scientology Cult

Reading 2 – Book Review

Reading 3 – Letter on the Holy Order of Manns

Reading 4 – Letter on the Subject of Christian Reconstruction, A Deviant Theology

Reading 5 – Letter on Willis Harman, the president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences

Reading 6 – America, The Sorcerer’s New Apprentice

Reading 7 – American Scene, In Wisconsin, Rekindling a Magic Spirit

Reading 8 – Andrews’s sisters

Reading 9 – Anti Matter

Reading 10 – Art Levine, Cynthia Kyle, Mystics on Main Street

Reading 11 – Barbara G. Harrison, Spiritual Glitz

Reading 12 – Barbara Kantrowitz, Going Even Farther Out on That Limb, Shirly MacLaine

Reading 13 – Barbara Kantrowitz, Shirly MacLaine

Reading 14 – Bookreview on the New Age Gospel, Christ or Counterfeit

Reading 15 – Brooks Alexander and Robert Burrows, New Age and Biblical Worldviews

Reading 16 – Brooks Alexander, Mind Power and The Mind’s Eye

Reading 17 – Brooks Alexander, New Age and Biblical World Views

Reading 18 – Brooks Alexander, The Rise of Cosmic Humanism, What is Religion

Reading 19 – Caryl Matrisciana, Gods of The New Age

Reading 20 – Celluloid Prometheus, The Transcendentalism of George Lucas

Reading 21 – Channels, Crystals

Reading 22 – Chicago Tribune, Burning Desire, Fire Walking

Reading 23 – Chicago Tribune, The Ifa Effect, An Ancient African Religion

Reading 24 – Christopher Lasch, Soul of A New Age

Reading 25 – Claudia Wallis, Why New Age Medicine is Catching On

Reading 26 – Craig V. Anderson, Pruning Time for Shirley MacLaine

Reading 27 – Cristina Garcia, And Now, the 35000 Year old Man

Reading 28 – Dave Bass, Drawing Down The Moon

Reading 29 – Dean C. Halverson, Breaking through Spiritual Autism, Evangelism and the New Age Movement

Reading 30 – Douglas Groothuis, A Christian Critique of the New Consciousness

Reading 31 – Elliot Miller, A New Age of Science, An Inquiry into the Influence of Mysticism on Science

Reading 32 – Elliot Miller, Saying No to the New Age

Reading 33 – Elliot Miller, The New Age Movement, What is it

Reading 34 – Frances Adeney, The Flowering of the Human Potential Movement

Reading 35 – George Hackett, Ramtha, a Voice from Beyond

Reading 36 – J. Gordon Melton, Witchcraft, An Inside View

Reading 37 – Jake Page, Supreme Quartz, Crystals

Reading 38 – Katharine Lowry, Channelers

Reading 39 – Kenneth R. Wade, What is the New Age Movement

Reading 40 – Kim Garfield, Good Heavens, Shirley MacLaine

Reading 41 – Laurie Nadel, Shirley MacLaine, A Peek Inside Her Psychic Seminars

Reading 42 – Leon Jaroff, Fighting Against Flimflam

Reading 43 – Marion Long, In Search of A Definition

Reading 44 – Marlys Harris, Shirley’s Best Performance

Reading 45 – Martin Gardner, Isness Is Her Business

Reading 46 – Mystic Trader

Reading 47 – Mystics on Main Street

Reading 48 – Norman L. Geisler, The New Age Movement

Reading 49 – Otto Friedrich, New Age Harmonies

Reading 50 – Pamela Weintraub, Test Your Psychic Abilities

Reading 51 – Paul C. Reisser, Holistic Health Update, The Movement Comes of New Age

Reading 52 – Richard W. Carlson, The New Age, An Attempt to Understand and Respond

Reading 53 – Rick Mitchell, Power of the Orishas

Reading 54 – Robert Burrows, Americans Get Religion in the New Age

Reading 55 – Robert Burrows, New Age Movement, Self Deification in a Secular Culture

Reading 56 – Ronald C. Rhodes, The New Age Christology of David Spangler

Reading 57 – Rose Marie Staubs, Andrews’s Sisters

Reading 58 – She’s Having the Time of Her Lives, Shirley MacLaine

Reading 59 – Stanley Dokupil and Brooks Alexander, Est, The Philosophy of Self Worship

Reading 60 – Stuart Chevre, Visualization, Guided Imagery, and the Holistic Health Movement

Reading 61 – Tal Brooke, Visualizing The Tower of Babel

Reading 62 – Test Your Psychic Abilities

Reading 63 – The Church Advocate, the New Age Movement

Reading 64 – The Establishment Sees The Light

Reading 65 – Three Current Challenges of the Occult

Reading 66 – Time, New Age Harmonies

Reading 67 – Under Fire, Two Christian Leaders Respond to Accusations of New Age Mysticism

Reading 68 – Viewpoint, Reincarnation, Channeling, Hell, no, I won’t go

Reading 69 – Voices from beyond, The Channelers

Reading 70 – Ways to Reach Out to New Agers

Reading 71 – World Government of the Age of Enlightenment Seelisberg, Switzerland


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