Hiebert Article 1 – Mortimer Arias’ Paper on Evangelism and the Poor and the Oppressed

Hiebert Article 2 – The Faces of Evil in the City

Hiebert Article 3 – Latin American Perspectives Seminar, Poverty in the Bible and in Latin America


Reading 1 – The Possessions of the Poor

Reading 2 – Squatter Settlements

Reading 3 – The Culture of Poverty

Reading 4 – Urban Poverty, Children, and the Consumption of Popular Culture

Reading 5 – From Culture and Poverty

Reading 6 – Urban Social Structure, the Case of a Slum

Reading 7 – Peter Martin, The Homeless Define City’s True Self

Reading 8 – Hagith Shlonsky, Continuity in Poverty Ailng Family Lines

Reading 9 – Seventeen Reasons Why the Squatter Problem Can’t be Solved

Reading 10 – Voluntary Associations in Urban Squatter Settlements

Reading 11 – Theories of the Slum

Reading 12 – Types of Slum and Slum Dweller

Reading 13 – Squatter Migration Dynamics in Davao City, Philippines

Reading 14 – Slum Housing Attrition, A Positive Twist from Cali, Colombia

Reading 15 – Sociohistorical Factors and the Growth of Squatter Settlements, Mindanao, Philippines, 1950-1972

Reading 16 – Heritage of Slavery and Discrimination, The United States Negro Slums

Reading 17 – Slum as a Way of Life

Reading 18 – Jakarta 1975

Reading 19 – Shantytowns in Developing Nations

Reading 20 – The Rehousing and Rehabilitation of Squatters in Kuala Lumpur

Reading 21 – Skid Rod Transition

Reading 22 – Mechanisms of Articulation Between Shantytown Settlers and the Urban System

Reading 23 – Shelter, People’s Needs and Government Response

Reading 24 – Potters, Plotters, Prodders in a Bombay Slum, Marx and Meaning or Meaning Versus Marx

Reading 25 – Strategy for Housing the Poor in Bhopal, India

Reading 26 – A Profile of Slums in a Third World city, Calcutta

Reading 27 – The Absorption of Low Income Groups in Ankara

Reading 28 – Why People are Poor

Reading 29 – Mission to the Urban Poor

Reading 30 – Good News to the Poor, The Challenge of the Poor in the History of the Church

Reading 31 – From Culture and Poverty, Conclusion, Alternative Views of Poverty and the Poor, Present and Future

Reading 32 – Theology of Liberation

Reading 33 – A Theology for Ministry to the Urban Poor


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